We give recommendations on which platform will be most effective for you

Boost your event through any platform

  • LinkedIn
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media


The targeting abilities of LinkedIn can be fantastic for trade shows and conferences. LinkedIn posts and status updates can be sponsored, allowing you to put them in front of anyone with specific job titles or in a certain industry or location.

  • Target specific job roles

  • B2B platform

  • Constant tracking and reporting


When using paid search to promote events, it’s important to use several different tactics depending on if your target audience is already familiar with your brand or not.

  • Campaign set up

  • Compelling ad copy

  • Constant tracking and reporting

Cross platform

The possibilities of social media advertising are endless. Use the big 3; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get your message out to the masses.

  • Targeted ad campaigns

  • Remarketing campaigns for previous users

  • Detailed reporting and tracking

As an extension of your team, we make constant recommendations on what will get you to your goal

Events need an adaptable strategy

  • Ad campaigns and copy

  • Monitoring and adapting

We work with you to fully understand your audience and your goals so we can create the incredible ad campaigns your event deserves. We keep very flexible and adapt to what is happening in the market. The closer it gets to your event the more adjustments we are likely needed to make.

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Paid Google Ads are an effective way to create quick sales

As Google Ads are featured above the organic results, quick and snappy ad copy is essential to encourage the click through and ultimately the sale. We get to know all of your USPs and way of working so we can mirror your message is the most effectively way possible through Google Ads.


Create urgency through remaining tickets data feeds

It’s a standard technique when pushing sales for your event, but did you know you can also use this technique with your paid ads on Google?

Boost ticket sales with digital marketing

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