Organic search techniques are often not used to their full potential

Increase Event Attendance with SEO

  • Google My Business
  • Events Listings
  • New Audiences

GMB Posts

You can use Google My Business posts to further promote your event. We now know that Google does indeed read posts coming from your GMB profile. Knowing this, there are now two benefits in doing this for your event:

  • Increase GMB rankings with more posts

  • An extra platform to advertise your event

Google Events

Event markup allows people to discover your event when they search for "concerts this weekend" or "workshops near me." People can also discover your event when they search for venues, such as sports stadiums or a local pub.

Benefits include:

  • Increase your reach

  • Event details directly on Google

  • Last minute ticket increases


Research to understand what terms people are searching for and how we can put ourselves infront of that audience is invaluable. Tweaking content and landing pages for new audiences is a highly effective strategy.

  • Multiple new audiences

  • Capture more traffic

  • Data proven methods

We like to be an extension of your own current team

SEO tactics for events are growing

  • Ad campaigns and copy

  • Monitoring and adapting

We work with you to fully understand your audience and your goals so we can create the incredible ad campaigns your event deserves. We keep very flexible and adapt to what is happening in the market. The closer it gets to your event the more adjustments we are likely needed to make.

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There are three different types of pages that will bring you new opportunities for ticket sales. By missing one of them, you miss out on attendees. From informational searches to niche searches, there is lots of content we can create to maximise traffic. For example, the following searches can relate to these categories:

Blog: ‘Top rock festivals in East Sussex’
Category Page: ‘Rock festival in East Sussex’
Event: ‘Breakout Festival in Brighton’

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